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A holistic and mindful approach to applied behavior

I started BreathBodyBehavior to provide compassionate, supportive coaching and mentoring to educational environments, teachers, caretakers and children.

Having had worked in the field of behavior analysis and education for nearly seventeen years and practiced yoga for about the same amount of time, I started to see how one practice applied to the other.

 True behavior change must be addressed holistically; no longer dealing with only what shows up on the surface for kids and students, but rather understanding and addressing the under currents. Simply put, 'behaviors' are stress responses and teaching acknowledgement, understanding and replacement skills using mindfulness and yoga is my speciality.

Most importantly, it starts with you - the educator, the parent, the babysitter, the grandparent. I'd love to be a support on your journey.


Individualized sessions for children, families and caregivers – encompassing naturalistic behavior analysis, expressive and receptive language acquisition and generalization, assessments, Acceptive and Commitment Therapy (ACT), executive functioning, social skills, yoga and mindfulness – and much, much more! 

Professional Development, Curriculum Authoring, Social Facilitation, Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), Program Review, Contract-BCBA services 

For those pursuing board certification or registered behavior technician training

For businesses needing a path forward; utilizing research validated systems and processes to promote growth and development

Individual and group sessions 

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Logo-01.png

What does a session look like?

The short answer is whatever you like! 
My career requires versatility. It is not stringent and  robotic. I have been lucky enough to  create learning opportunities in any situation, from Disney themed sessions in backyard pools to in Fine Art classes and even utilizing Minecraft. Creating changes in behaviors should be enjoyable, collaborative and respectful to the child. I’m not here to just change your child’s behavior. I’m here to partner with you to learn more about your child and your own behavior. 
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